Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion in Africa

22 December 2016

By Mthuli Ncube 1. Introduction Digital Financial Services (DFS) are fast growing across the globe. DFS include mobile banking and…


The Informal Sector Activities in Angola

15 December 2016

By Ornelie Manzambi Informal sector has long been portrayed as a marginalized and unproductive part of the economy that only…


Unlocking infrastructure potential in Africa: The role of sovereign wealth funds

28 November 2016

By Seedwell Hove Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are increasingly becoming major sources of finance in many countries. Commonly established from…


Building resilience in the energy-food-water nexus

21 October 2016

Dr Jeremy Wakeford Economist, Quantum Global Research Lab October 2016 Source: Development finance In an increasingly resource constrained world, the…


Investing in Africa’s Resilience. Looking beyond commodity fluctuations

10 June 2016

Ulrich Otto & Milko Skoro, Quantum Global Alternative Investments Africa is maturing in its role as the growth region of…