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Named after the West African drum, Djembe Communications is a unique communications consultancy committed to amplifying an African narrative founded on opportunity, growth and innovation. An old African proverb proclaims that when the drummers change the beat, the dancers must also change their steps—and Djembe Communications strives to help our clients change theirs.


Mitchell Prather discusses American-African trade relations ahead of the U.S. Presidential election

In World Policy’s weekly blog series, Mitchell Prather, Managing Director of Djembe Communications, discusses the potential impact of the U.S. presidential election from an American-African trade relations perspective. In contrasting the realities of a Trump…

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Stardust and Dreams: Nigeria’s youth ambitions

If you ask most visitors to Nigeria about their perception of the country’s youth, there is a highly probable chance you will hear them use words like ‘self-assured’, ‘driven’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘knowledgeable’, and ‘entertaining’. These attributes…

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The role of Angolan youth in building a prosperous future

Well-known for its rapidly growing wealth and great influence in Central Africa, Angola has invested heavily in its transformation and development as most African countries have. The youth represent 60% of the Angolan population and…

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Reimagine Morocco – An Emerging Country in 2025

It is the 31st of March, 2025. The governor of the central bank has just announced the growth forecast. Morocco will achieve a double digit growth rate for the 5th consecutive year: a rate of…

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Reimagine Mozambique

Mozambique has a flourishing youth population which, if its great potential is tapped into, offers enormous promise. Like many African countries, gaining steady employment in Mozambique is one of the greatest challenges facing young people…

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